Exceptional flexibility


The SYNCOPEX construction allows to obtain, incomparable to the construction of pipelines flooded with polyurethane foam, flexibility even for pipes of the largest diameters. This is particularly important when assembling water installations during periods of low temperatures.

The great flexibility of the pipelines makes it possible to bypass obstacles in the ground without the use of knees and arches, and its free development. Installation is very simple and quick, comparable to laying a power cable.

An example of assembly of a combined pipeline with a five pipe pipeline constructionof 200 mb length realized at -3oC.


In the SYNCOPEX system we use clamping fittings for assembly of which only basic assembly tools are necessary, such as: adjustable spanner, hacksaw to cut, for example wood.

An example of different types of WIPEX fittings.

Leak proofnes test of pex pre-insulated pipelines

The manufacturer recommends a pressure test performed as indicated:
– The pipeline in the ground can be covered with sand, leaving exposed longitudinal or T-pipe fittings, if such are located along the pipelines’ route.
– Then the system should be filled with water and thoroughly vented. Simultaneously thefittings should be checked.
– This should be followed by increasing the pressure to 1.5 times the working pressure. This pressure should be maintained for 30 minutes, at this time, due to the flexibility of the PEX piping system, the pressure can be reduced by about 10% – this decrease is a natural reaction. After this period, the installation pressure should be reduced by half. This condition should be maintained for about 90 minutes.During this time, fittings should be observed to detect any possible leaks. After pressure reduction, as a result of shrinking of the pipes, the pressure in the installation should slightly increase, and next (if the installation is leakproof) stabilize at a lightly higher level.
– If the pressure does not drop after 90 minutes, the installation can be considered leakproof.