SYNCOPEX® pipes are laid in shallow excavations with the possibility of immediate backfilling of laid sections and without the need for leakage tests. Great flexibility of pipelines allows you to bypass obstacles in the ground without using knees and arches and its free development.

The excavation should be carried out in such a way as to ensure that the pipes are properly covered. The pipeline should be laid on 10 cm thick sand bed. To simplify laying the pipe directly from the coil, it is recommended to store the excavated soil on one side of the excavation.

Pipeline laying

SYNCOPEX pre-insulated pipes can be laid in the trench directly from the coil, up to a length of 100m. When unrolling, make sure that the housing is not damaged by sharp objects. Thermal changes in the length of the PEX work tube are compressed within the system.

Backfilling the excavation

The pipeline laid in the excavation should be covered with a 15 cm thick layer of sand with simultaneous compaction./span>

Lay signal strips with a metal insert on the compacted backfill. The remaining part of the excavation can be filled mechanically.

When laying the pre-insulated pipeline in the trench, make sure that the conduit pipe is secured with a plug protecting the conduit pipe against dirt.

No fixed points or compensators are needed.

Do not allow backfilling the final layer of the excavation with soil containing stones, etc.