Syncopex® single insulated central heating pipe

PN6 / 95 ° C, C.W. PN10 / 70 ° C

Pipeline for central heating in max. working temperature 95 ° C 6 Bar; hot or cold water in max. temp. 70 ° C 10 Bar.
SYNCOPEX is a system of pre-insulated pipes manufactured according to its own patent, providing excellent thermal insulation conditions and reducing heat loss by up to 50%.
SYNCOPEX pre-insulated pipe consists of:
• PEX-a SDR 11, SDR7,4 line pipe
• thermal insulation made of closed-cell foamed PEX, non-absorbent, resistant to aging,
• HDPE outer jacket.

The pipeline is manufactured in accordance with PN EN 15632-1-3.

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Price list

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Outer casing m/m9090110125140160
Outer pipe PEX m/m253240506375
Inner diameter m/m202632,640,851,461,2
Bending radius [mb]0,250,250,350,450,550,60
Maximum length. [mb]100100100100100100
Catalog No.10009002510090032100110040100125050100140063100160075
Outer casing m/m200160200200200
Outer pipe PEX m/m759090110125
Inner diameter m/m61,273,673,690102,2
Bending radius [mb]0,700,700,800,801,00
Maximum length. [mb]100100100100100
Catalog No.100200075100160090100200090100200110100200125