SYNCOPEX multilayer pipe PERT / AL / PERT

PN6 203°F SDR 11

The Pert / Al / Pert multilayer pipe system is available in diameters from Dz 16 cal to Dz 32 cal. The high universality of the pipes allows the use of one type of pipe for the installation of central heating, floor and wall heating as well as hot and cold water. The pipes are characterized by high pressure and temperature resistance, durability, minimal linear expansion, low weight, high plasticity and resistance to oxygen diffusion.

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Price list

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Mark Ø Dz x d [mmStandard length [m]Trade UnitCatalog number
16 x 2,0200 m200416 200 016
20 x 2,0100 m100416 100 020
26 x 3,0100 m100416 100 026
32 x 3,050 m50416 050 032
Outer diameter of the pipe D [mm]Ø 16Ø 20Ø 26Ø 32
Thickness of the wall [mm]2,02,03,03,0
Thickness of aluminium0,20,250,30,4
Weight (kg/m)0,1050,140,270,347
Water capacity0,1130,2010,3140,531
Max. temperature (⁰C)95959595
Max. pressure for 95⁰C (bar10101010
Min. cutting radius5D5D5D5D